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We deliver with refrigerated Vans 7 days a week...

We deliver twice a day and 7 days a week to the south of the Island, for a morning delivery Please phone before 08.30am for your goods to be loaded onto the first delivery vehicles and for the afternoon delivery please phone before 12.00pm Monday to Sunday.

We deliver once a day and 3 Days a week to the North of the Island Monday, Tuesday and Friday, Please phone before 08.30am for your goods to be loaded onto the delivery vehicles.

Office hours are 07.00am to 14.00pm Monday to Sunday and after these hours please use our answer phone service to place your order and we will dispatch your goods on the next available delivery truck.

We have a team of 4 office persons, 2 warehouse persons, 5 sales persons, 1 technician and 6 delivery Drivers to ensure that your goods are picked and loaded correctly onto our vehicles.

We have 6 delivery Vehicles leaving our dept twice daily to ensure you get your goods as quickly as possible.

We have a 1000sq meter warehouse which is newly refurbished and fully equipped with industrial freezers holding our goods at -18c at all times, we also have the ambient side of the business under the same roof ensuring easy loading to dispatch your goods as soon as possible.


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