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Arona Britcan - British products for you bar or restaurant...

Arona Britcan is a family run business supplying bars, restaurants, hotels and Supermarkets with food and drink. We are a Father and son business that prides itself on providing what we consider is the best service available here in Tenerife.

We have set our business up with the customer in mind, we offer our customer two deliveries a day, seven days a week, we realize that Business owners need this level of support as well as competitive prices and a range of every day products delivered with a smile.
Our client base has grown from 20 customers to well over 500 during the 10 years that we have owned the company. The original Arona Productos Company that we purchased in 2006 was infact established over 30yrs ago which actually makes it one of the longest established food and beverages company here in the South of Tenerife.

We have very definite view on how we like to treat our customers, we believe that without them, we have no business, we believe in being fair and treating our customers with trust and honesty, this belief has been the reason why Arona Britcan have grown into one of the largest suppliers here in the South of Tenerife.

We supply over 450 product lines, we think our range of products will be attractive to any business here and whilst we do not specialize, we do try our best to give the clients what they need. We supply Frozen, Ambient and dry goods including beers, wines and soft drinks and snacks. We also supply the best premixed smoothie on the market today, the “I Love Smoothie” brand; we are also the Official distributor for the original world famous “Slush Puppie” flavored Iced drinks. We also supply cleaning materials for the kitchen and the bathroom and much more.

We have dedicated Sales representatives that would be very happy to come to your bar or restaurant and talk you through our list of products, we can customize our prices depending on the volume of business that you give us, we are flexible, considerate and most importantly, reliable. 


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